The Mischievous Chicken

One sunny day, a mischievous chicken named Daisy roamed around the farm. She loved exploring and getting into trouble. Daisy's favorite spot was Grandma's garden, filled with juicy vegetables and colorful flowers. One day, while Grandma was napping, Daisy sneaked into the garden and started pecking at the ripe tomatoes and crunchy carrots. Grandma woke up to find Daisy happily munching away on her prized vegetables. She shooed the chicken away, but Daisy kept coming back for more.

Grandma tried everything to keep Daisy out of her garden. She put up fences, sprinkled chili powder around the plants, and even set up a scarecrow. But nothing could stop the determined chicken. Daisy would always find a way to sneak back in and feast on Grandma's garden. One day, Grandma had enough. She decided to teach Daisy a lesson once and for all. She set up a trap with a trail of breadcrumbs leading to a cage.

Daisy, being the curious chicken that she was, followed the breadcrumbs straight into the cage. Grandma quickly shut the door and carried the cage far away from her garden. Daisy squawked and flapped her wings, but she couldn't escape. Grandma took Daisy to the other side of the farm and released her into a large field where she could roam freely without causing any more trouble. From that day on, Daisy learned her lesson and stayed away from Grandma's garden. And Grandma could finally enjoy her vegetables in peace.