The ELA Test

London was feeling nervous about his upcoming ELA test. He had studied hard, but he still doubted himself. Elizabeth, his best friend, noticed his anxiety and reassured him that he would do great. She reminded him of all the times he had aced his practice tests and encouraged him to believe in himself.

As the test day approached, London tried to stay calm and focused. He remembered Elizabeth's words of encouragement and pushed through his doubts. Finally, the day arrived, and London sat down to take the test. He answered each question to the best of his ability, hoping that all his hard work would pay off.

A week later, the results were in. London anxiously checked his score and couldn't believe his eyes. He had scored higher than he ever imagined possible. He was overjoyed and couldn't wait to share the news with Elizabeth. Running to her house, he burst through the door, waving his test paper in the air.

Elizabeth's face lit up with pride as she saw London's score. She hugged him tightly, celebrating his success. London couldn't have done it without her support and encouragement. Together, they danced around the room, laughing and cheering. London was grateful to have such an amazing friend by his side.