The Hungry Boy Who Ate Too Much

Welly was a young boy who loved to eat. would eat anything and everything in sight. His foods were pizza, ice cream, and candy. He would eat until his belly was full and round.

One day, Welly went to a birthday party where there was a buffet of delicious treats. He ate plate after plate of food, not stopping until he couldn't eat another bite. His belly was so full that he could barely move.>

Aselly walked home from the party, he started to feel sick. His stomach was ch, and he knew he had eaten too much. Suddenly, he felt a rumbling in his belly, and before he knew it, he had a big wet poop.

Feeling relieved, Welly continued on his way home. But as he got closer, he felt another wave of sickness coming over him. He ran to the nearest bush and threw up all the food he had eaten at the party.

After emptying his stomach, Welly felt much better. He realized that he needed to be more careful about how much he ate in the future. From that day on, he learned to listen to his body and eat in moderation.