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Binomial random variables For example, find the mean and standard deviation of a binomial random variable with p = 0.02 and N = 500.
Geometric definitions
Multiply by 5 Multiply 5 times a number less than or equal to 10.
Name shapes 2 Practice more challenging problems identifying circles, triangles, squares, and rectangles.
Equations with one rational expression (advanced) Solve equations that have one rational expression whose numerator and denominator are polynomial expressions.
Sequences word problems Given a verbal description of a real-world relationship, determine the sequence that models that relationship.
Sample spaces for compound events Practice checking if sample space diagrams match a compound event.
Decompose figures to find volume (unit cubes) Find the volume of irregular 3D figures made up of unit cubes by dividing the figures into rectangular prisms and finding the volume of each part.
Systems of equations with substitution Solve systems of equations where one of the equations is solved for one of the variables.
Divide fractions by whole numbers Practice dividing fractions by whole numbers.
Slope-intercept intro Practice your basic understanding of slope-intercept form for linear equations.
Evaluating expressions with two variables Practice evaluating expressions in two variables by plugging in values for the variables. 
Two-step inequalities Solve inequalities that take two steps to solve. For example, solve 3x + 2 > 5.
Piecewise functions graphs Match the formula of a piecewise function to its graph.
Decompose angles Find an angle's measure when given the measures of its parts.
Ratio tables Practice filling out tables of equivalent ratios.
Numbers to 100 Practice finding missing numbers in a list of numbers between 0 and 100.
Making small numbers in different ways Practice making a number by adding other numbers. All numbers in these problems are less than 10.
Analyzing structure with linear inequalities Given some information about a real-world context, analyze expressions containing unknown variables that model that context.
Solid geometry word problems Solve problems concerning real-world situations with the volumes of cones, cylinders, and spheres.
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