Title Description
Quiz: Exploration & Interconnection Quiz 8.1
Quiz: How Do Earth and Life Interact Quiz 5.2
Use Pythagorean theorem to find area and perimeter Find the area and perimeter of triangles and quadrilaterals by first using the Pythagorean Theorem to find missing side lengths.
Quiz: Evolution and human health
Quiz: How Were Stars Formed? Quiz 3.0
Quiz: Human evolution
Quiz: Plate Tectonics
Quiz: Stars
Quiz: Creation of Complex Elements Quiz 3.1
Quiz: The Big Bang Quiz 2.1
Ray tracing Find a ray that hits a specific target
Rearranging simple and compound sentences Identify and arrange simple and compound sentences.
Recognizing run-ons and comma splices Run-on sentences and comma splices happen when a writer isn’t careful with commas. Let’s see how you do!
Eye disease and contact lenses This passage will test your knowledge on eflection and refraction 
Reflexive pronouns Learn when and when not to use reflexive pronouns.
Blood pressure regulation in the kidney questions
Measuring kidney function Renal system - Passage 2
Respiratory system questions Respiratory system questions
The vagus nerve and mice
HIV and drug therapy