Title Description
Skill check: Electric charge, field, and electric potential Take this skill check to help you determine what you should review in electric charge, field, and electric potential.
Skill check: Mean value theorem, L'Hopital, and local linearization Test your understanding of a few key theorems in differential calculus
Skill check: Membranes, diffusion, and osmosis Test your understanding of membranes, diffusion, and osmosis!
One sample intervals for proportions For example, interpret a 2% margin of error.
One sample intervals for means For example, given a context, is it okay to construct a 95% confidence interval?
One sample tests for proportions For example, given a context, what is the meaning of Type 1 error?
One sample tests for means For example, given a context, are the conditions met to perform a one-sample test about the mean?
Skill check: Optimization Check your understanding of relative minima, maxima, concavity and optimization problems
Skill check: Oscillations and mechanical waves This skill check can help learners figure out what areas they need to study.
Skill check: Periodic trends A skill check on periodic trends
Skill check: Photosynthesis Check your understanding of photosynthesis!
Regression slope intervals For example, are the conditions for a regression slope confidence interval met?
Regression slope test For example, interpret the p-value that comes from a regression slope test. 
Sampling distributions For example, find the mean and standard deviation of 100 randomly selected babies from a population normally distributed with a mean of 7.5 pounds and standard deviation of 1.25 pounds.
Skill check: Strong acid/strong base titrations Check your understanding of strong acid and strong base titrations!
Skill check: Defining the derivative Check your understanding of approximating, visualizing and interpreting the tangent line of a graph.
Skill check: Tangents, motion, and critical points Test your ability to find the equation of a tangent line, analyze motion along a line, and find critical points
Density curves and the normal distribution For example, what is the area above z = 1.36 on on the standard normal distribution.
Skill check: Titrating weak acids and bases Skill check for titrating weak acids with strong bases, and weak bases with strong acids
Transforming and combining random variables For example, find the variance of the difference between the running times of two students selected from a population with mean 8 minutes and standard deviation 50 seconds.