Title Description
Add and subtract using a number line Practice adding and subtracting numbers like 54 and 37 using a number line. Numbers used in these problems are all less than 100.
Select strategies for adding within 100 Practice telling which strategies work for adding two numbers within 100.
Add and subtract within 100 word problems 2 Practice solving word problems with addition and subtraction.   These questions are comparison problems including difference unknown, smaller value unknown, and bigger value unknown.  Numbers used are 100 or less.
Find the missing number (add and subtract within 100) Practice solving problems like "___ - 45 = 27" where you have to figure out the missing value in an addition or subtraction equation.
Challenging add and subtract word problems (within 100) Practice solving more challenging addition and subtraction word problems with "more" and "fewer".​  Multi-step problems are also included.  Numbers used are 100 or less.
Break apart 3-digit addition problems Practice breaking apart big addition problems using place value. For example, 234+567 is the same as 200+500+30+60+4+7.
Tell time without labels Tell time on unlabeled analog clocks.
Length word problems Add and subtract lengths to solve word problems.
Solve problems with bar graphs 2 Use bar graphs to solve addition and subtraction word problems.
Subtract 2- and 3-digit numbers (no regrouping) Practice solving problems like 452 + 241.
Cut shapes into equal parts Practice telling if a shape has been divided into equal parts.
Compare numbers of objects 2 Practice counting to see which group has the most things in it.
Identify unit fractions Identify unit fractions when given a visual or a context.
Tell time with a labeled clock Tell time on labeled analog clocks.
Count money (U.S.) Find the total value when given an amount of coins or dollars.
Make 10 (grids and number bonds) Practice adding numbers to make 10. These problems show grids to help you out.
Subtract within 100 Practice subtracting 2-digit numbers.
Add and subtract on the number line word problems Practice adding and subtracting using the number line. Numbers used are 100 or less.
Make line plots Practice creating line plots (dot plots) from data sets.
Count in order Practice counting without making mistakes.