Title Description
Decimals on the number line: tenths 0-1 Graph tenths between 0 and 1 on the number line.
Declarative, interrogative, and imperative sentences Can you tell whether or not a sentence is a statement, a question, or an order? Let's find out!
Dependent and independent clauses Independent clauses can be sentences. Dependent clauses can’t! Let’s take a deeper dive into what that looks like in this exercise.
Derivatives basics challenge Review your conceptual understanding of derivatives with some challenge problems.
Distribution warmup Understand that a set of data collected to answer a statistical question has a distribution which can be described by its center, spread, and overall shape.
Expectation warmup Select the correct answer to prove your understanding 
Exponential model equations Solve differential equations that describe exponential relationships. Such equations always have the form dy/dx=ky (for some number k).
Extend geometric sequences: negatives & fractions Find the next term in a geometric sequence. The problems in this quiz involve relatively difficult calculations.
Find missing length when given area of a triangle Find the base or height of a triangle when given the other and the area.
Find missing length when given area of a parallelogram Find the base or height of a parallelogram when given the other and the area.
Fractions on the number line Plot and spot fractions on the number line.
Frequently confused words: affect/effect Do you know when to use “affect” and when to use “effect”?
Multiply by 7 Multiply 7 times a number less than or equal to 10.
Interval of convergence Find all values of x for which a power series converges.
Horizontal & vertical lines Practice your knowledge of horizontal and vertical lines: their graphical presentation, their slopes, and their equations.
HSL space Understand the HSL cylinder
Identify quadrilaterals Identify squares, rectangles, and rhombuses.
Identify symmetrical figures Practice identifying symmetrical shapes.
Identifying marginal and conditional distributions Practice determining if a distribution from a two-way table is a marginal or conditional distribution.
Identifying relative adverbs Identify adverbs that connect clauses.