Title Description
Add 3 numbers Practice adding 3 numbers. All numbers in these problems are 20 or less.
Ancient Rome (quiz)
NCLEX-RN questions on anemia 1 A general quiz on anemia questions.
Acceleration and velocity Practice using the acceleration equation to solve for acceleration, time, and initial or final velocity. 
ACE inhibitors and the renal regulation of blood pressure Questions about kidney physiology
Animation 101 Prove that you've successfully animated a bouncing ball.
Antenatal depression and anxiety in Pakistan Antenatal Depression and Anxiety in Pakistan
Antibody class differences Antibody Class Differences
Acid/base questions Acid/base questions
Equal sign Practice telling which equation is true.
Ad Hominem, Part 2 Test your knowledge of ad hominem fallacies!
Abolition, slavery, and the Compromise of 1850 Test your understanding of life under slavery, the abolition movement, and the Compromise of 1850.
Altar at Pergamon (quiz) Test your knowledge.
Ancient Andes Test your knowledge of the ancient Andean civilizations!
Lorenzetti, Allegory and Effect of Good and Bad Government (quiz) Test your knowledge.
Ancient Mesoamerica Test your knowledge of ancient Mesoamerica!
Ancient Near Eastern art (quiz) Test your knowledge!
Ancient observations
Compare 2-digit numbers Practice comparing numbers (within 100) using the symbols <, >, and =. 
Subtract within 20 Practice subtracting. All numbers in these problems are 20 or less.