Learn To Be

Our Story and Impact

*All data on this page updates daily

Our Mission

Learn To Be is a 501c.3 non-profit organization that brings 1-on-1, online tutoring to underserved youth around the nation.

Our Vision

To empower underserved communities long after they've left our program and to expand perspectives of those who helped them.

About Us

A Quick Timeline

Winter 2008

We host our first tutoring session: a tutor in New York with a fifth grader in LA.

Fall 2009

We are one of the first non-profits to host a PSA on Hulu. Our first model is born with on-demand tutoring.

Summer 2010

University chapters start popping up around the United States, serving as a hub to recruit tutors.

Winter 2010

We partner with 22 different after-school programs. Our first business model is born by charging schools for tutoring.

Summer 2013

We completely re-design the Learn To Be website (shout out to Charles and Amin!).

Spring 2015

We move away from school partnerships and focus on partnering with other like-minded education non-profits.

Fall 2017

We introduce our newest (and current) business model: direct services to families.

Why Directly Serve Families?

It works

Working with families makes it easier to collect data. And as you'll see below, we've seen exam scores increase nearly 20% and almost an entire grade level improvement for students.

It's scalable

With a team of only 5 volunteer staff members, we automated the process of connecting over 2494 families with tutors.

It's profitable

We ask families if they're able to contribute a small monthly fee for tutoring. 25% of them are able to, which has led us to profitability.

How Our New Model Works

1. Enrollment Form

Parents, guardians or teachers fill out our enrollment form on behalf of a student.

2. Find A Tutor

After vetting the enrollment form, we generate profiles for accepted students and broadcast their need to our tutors.

3. Start Learning!

After a tutor matches with a student, they work out a schedule via email and meet 1-2 times per week in our online classroom.

Our Partners

We work with a few organizations that serve refugees, foster youth and homeless youth. These organizations send students in need of support our way and we broadcast their need to our tutors.

Who We Serve

80% of our families make less than $40,000 per year

Below is a graph of the circumstances reported by families in the enrollment form.


We've served families in every state in the United States. 65% of the families we serve live in Southern California.





Our students range from 5 to 18 years old. 70% of them are between grades 7 and 10.

Below is a graph showing student satisfaction with our tutoring services.


Data is from a post-session survey ranking the tutoring session from 0-10. Students rate based on how helpful their tutor was and how much they learned. 10 represents a great session.

Our Tutors

Our tutors are passionate high school students, college students, young professionals and recent retirees.

Below is a breakdown of subjects taught by our tutors, based on students' requests.


Note that reading includes english, literature, history and other humanities topics. Science includes biology, physics, chemistry, etc.

Our Impact





How We Measure Success

Our primary metric for success is student performance in school, including improvements on exam scores and grades.

How We Collect Data

After every tutoring session, students are required to fill out a post-session survey. We ask about any updated exam scores or grade improvements attributed to Learn To Be. From this, we calculate average exam score and GPA increases.

Our students see an average test score increase of 
% and a GPA increase of