The Chaotic Morning Routine

As I groggily open my eyes, I'm greeted by the blaring sound of my alarm clock, reminding me that it's time to face another day at school. With a heavy sigh, I drag myself out of bed, my hair resembling a bird's nest and my eyes still half-closed. I stumble to the bathroom, silently praying that I don't trip on the way and end up with a bruised ego and a possible concussion.

Once in the bathroom, I stare at my reflection and cringe. My face is still marked with the imprint of my pillow, and my cheeks are slightly puffy, making me look like a chipmunk who's been hoarding too many acorns. I quickly splash some water on my face, hoping to wake up a little more, but instead, I end up drenching my entire shirt. "Great, just what I needed," I mutter under my breath as I frantically try to dry myself off.

Rushing back to my room, I frantically rummage through my closet, tossing clothes left and right in an attempt to find the perfect outfit. After several failed attempts, I finally settle on a mismatched ensemble, complete with a skirt that's a little too short and a sweater that's slightly too big. "Well, at least I tried," I tell myself, trying to boost my confidence despite feeling like a fashion disaster.

As I hurry downstairs, I nearly trip over my own feet, but I manage to catch myself just in time. I grab a granola bar and a banana, shoving them into my backpack as I hastily put on my shoes. "Ugh, where did I put my keys?" I groan, frantically searching every pocket and surface in sight. After what feels like an eternity, I finally find them hiding in the kitchen drawer, under a stack of papers.

"Okay, Ava, you can do this," I tell myself as I take a deep breath and rush out the door, hoping that I haven't forgotten anything important. As I make my way to school, I can't help but wonder what other embarrassing moments the day has in store for me.