The Curious Case of Kate's Missing Tape

One sunny day, Kate woke up very late. She had to make haste to not miss the school gate. She put on her cape and ate some grapes, but she could not find her favorite.

"Where is my tape?" Kate asked her mate, Jake. Jake was making a cake and said, "Take a look by the lake." Kate ran to the lake and saw a snake. "Have you seen my tape?" she asked the snake. The snake did not speak but pointed with its tail to a crate near the rake.

Kate thanked the snake and went to the crate. There she found her tape, next to a plate. "Hooray!" said Kate. "Now I can skate!" She grabbed her tape, fixed her skate, and did not worry about being late. Kate skated all day, happy and free, under the shade of a big oak tree.