The Lost Boy

Two-year-old Timmy was on a family trip with his parents and six siblings when his mom accidentally left him behind at a rest stop in a different state. Timmy, being too young to understand what had happened, found himself alone and scared. He wandered around the rest stop, crying for his mom, but she was already miles away, unaware of her mistake.

As the sun began to set, Timmy realized he was all alone. He tried to remember what his mom had taught him about staying safe, but he was just a toddler and the world seemed big and scary. Determined to find his way back to his family, Timmy set off down the road, his little legs carrying him as far as they could.

Night fell, and Timmy found himself in a dark forest, the trees looming overhead like giants. He heard strange noises and saw shadows moving in the darkness. Fear gripped his tiny heart, but he knew he had to be brave. He kept walking, tears streaming down his face, calling out for his mom in the hopes that she would hear him and come back for him.

Hours passed, and Timmy's little body grew tired and hungry. He stumbled upon a small cottage in the woods, its windows glowing with warm light. Timmy knocked on the door, his voice trembling as he asked for help. The door creaked open, revealing a kind old woman who took one look at Timmy and knew he was lost. She took him in, fed him, and promised to help him find his way back home. And so, with the old woman's guidance, Timmy set off on a new journey, determined to reunite with his family once again.