The New Girl at School

There was a new girl at school named Lily. She felt nervous about making friends in a new place. During recess, Lily sat alone on a bench, watching the other kids play. She wished she could join in, but she didn't know how to them. Suddenly, a girl with curly hair and a big smile walked up to Lily. Her name was Sarah, and she asked Lily if she wanted to play hopscotch with her. Lily's face lit up with excitement as she nodded eagerly. Together, they hopped and jumped, laughing and having fun. Sarah introduced Lily to her other friends, and soon Lily felt like she belonged. They played tag, shared snacks, and even worked on a class project together. Lily was grateful for Sarah's kindness and friendship. She realized that making friends wasn't so hard after all. Lily and Sarah became inseparable, and Lily's days at school were filled with joy and laughter. She was no longer the new girl; she was part of a wonderful group of friends. Lily was grateful for the new friendships she had made, and she knew that with Sarah by her side, she could conquer anything.