The New Girl in School

Erica was nervous on her first day at a new school. She didn't know anyone and felt out of place. As she walked into her classroom, all eyes turned to her. The teacher introduced her to the class and asked her to take a seat. Erica found an empty desk in the back and sat down quietly. During recess, a girl named Lily approached Erica and asked if she wanted to play. Erica was relieved and grateful for Lily's kindness. They quickly became friends and Erica felt more at ease in her new school.

As the days went by, Erica started to enjoy school more. She participated in class discussions and raised her hand to answer questions. Her teacher noticed her improvement and praised her for her hard work. Erica felt proud of herself and more confident in her abilities. One day, the class had a science project to work on in pairs. Erica was paired with Lily, and they decided to build a volcano together. They gathered all the materials they needed and worked on the project after school.

On the day of the presentation, Erica and Lily's volcano erupted beautifully. The class was amazed and applauded their hard work. Erica felt a sense of accomplishment and happiness. She realized that she had found true friends in Lily and her classmates. From then on, Erica looked forward to going to school every day. She knew that she had found her place in her new school, thanks to the kindness of others.