The Poop Kid

There was a little boy named Timmy who had a funny nickname - the poop kid. He earned this nickname because he loved playing with mud and dirt, often getting himself covered in it. Timmy didn't mind the nickname though, he thought it was funny.

One day,my's friends invited him to play at the park. They were going to have a picnic and play on the swings. Timmy was excited and quickly got ready to go. As soon as he arrived at the park, he saw a big mud puddle. Without thinking twice, he jumped right in and started splashing around.

His friends were shocked and started laughing at him. They called him the poop kid and teased him for getting dirty again. Timmy just laughed along with them, he didn't mind at all. He loved playing in the mud, it was his favorite thing to do.

After playing in the mud for a while, Timmy's friends decided to have their picnic. They all sat down on the grass and started eating their sandwiches. Timmy's friends looked at him and said, "You're not going to eat with us, are you? You're too dirty!" Timmy just smiled and pulled out his own sandwich, covered in mud. He took a big bite and said, "Mmm, this is delicious!" His friends couldn't believe it, but they all laughed together and enjoyed their picnic in the park.