The Missing Pink Candy

Alexandria loved her pink candy. She kept it in a special jar on her desk. One day, she noticed that her candy was missing. She searched everywhere in her room, but couldn't find it. She decided to ask her dog, Fish, if he had seen it. Fish wagged his tail and led her to the backyard. There, Alexandria found a trail of pink candy leading towards the ocean. She followed the trail, wondering where it would lead her. As she got closer to the ocean, she saw a group of seagulls fighting over something pink. She realized that they were fighting over her missing candy. Alexandria shooed the seagulls away and picked up her candy. She was relieved to have found it, but she was curious about how it had ended up near the ocean. She decided to investigate further. As she walked along the shore, she noticed a fisherman's boat with a pink candy wrapper caught in its net. She realized that the candy must have fallen out of the boat and washed ashore. Alexandria thanked Fish for helping her solve the mystery of the missing pink candy. She was grateful to have such a clever dog by her side.