The New Kid in School

Alex was nervous about starting at a new school. He was a small Asian boy who had just moved to the neighborhood. On his first day, he met Bryson, who quickly became his best friend. Bryson was white, smart, and always had Alex's back. They sat together in class and played together at recess.

One day, a boy named Caiden joined their class. Caiden was black and seemed a bit clueless. He often made silly mistakes and struggled with his schoolwork. Despite this, Alex and Bryson decided to befriend him. They helped Caiden with his homework and included him in their games during recess.

As the weeks went by, the three boys became inseparable. They shared jokes, snacks, and even secrets. Alex was grateful to have found such good friends in his new school. Bryson's intelligence balanced out Caiden's goofiness, creating a perfect trio.

One afternoon, while playing soccer in the schoolyard, Caiden accidentally kicked the ball into the principal's office window. The boys panicked, not knowing what to do. Bryson quickly came up with a plan to confess and apologize. The principal was understanding and appreciated their honesty.

From that day on, Alex, Bryson, and Caiden were known as the three musketeers of the school. They learned that true friendship knows no boundaries and that it's okay to make mistakes as long as you own up to them. And Alex realized that starting at a new school wasn't so scary after all, as long as you had good friends by your side.