The Enchanted Forest's Hidden Treasure

Deep within the enchanted forest, where towering trees touched the sky,
A hidden treasure lay in wait, a mystery for all to spy.
Amidst the winding paths and mossy glades, a curious child did tread,
Determined to uncover the secrets that the ancient forest kept.

With every step, the forest seemed to whisper, "Come and find me, if you dare,"
Guiding the young explorer through the thickets, with a sense of wonder in the air.
The child's heart raced with excitement, as clues began to appear,
Leading them closer to the treasure, with each step filled with cheer.

Suddenly, a glimmer of light caught the child's eye,
Revealing a hidden passageway, where a wondrous sight did lie.
Stepping through the archway, the child's breath was taken away,
For within the secret chamber, a treasure trove awaited that day.

Coins of gold and jewels so bright, shimmered in the soft moonlight,
A testament to the forest's secrets, hidden from mortal sight.
The child's eyes grew wide with amazement, as they gathered the wealth with care,
Knowing that this enchanted discovery, was a treasure beyond compare.

With the treasure safely in hand, the child emerged from the forest's embrace,
Returning home with a story of wonder, a smile upon their face.
For in the heart of the enchanted wood, a hidden treasure had been found,
A reminder that the greatest riches, can always be within the ground.